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Years of writing and editing experience, combined with a mastery of desktop publishing software, enable Editorial & Desktop Publishing Services to be the company you will need to produce all printed materials, from business cards to books. Because we can help you shape copy or create it for you, and follow it through to the print run and distribution, we truly offer full-service desktop publishing.

We will work with you and your staff to bring costs down without sacrificing the quality of your product. Ask for a free estimate and we will quote you a reasonable rate, with a price reduction if bringing in the job is less complicated than expected.

Our current clients include Cornell University-NYSSILR, Macmillan General Reference, Opera Orchestra of New York, Graedon Enterprises, The Africa Fund, and MM Design 2000. We have recently produced work for Irwin Professional Publishing/Price Waterhouse, St. Martin's Press, McClanahan/McGraw-Hill, MasterMedia Ltd., and Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, among others. Two years ago, we acquired the print business of longtime electronic publishing concern Kramer Communications.

E-Mail: woyton@taconic.net

Michael Woyton, founder of Editorial & Desktop Publishing Services, has written for Opera News magazine and was an entertainment writer and editor for Columbia Features Syndicate for five years and a senior editor for King Features Syndicate for six years. He has been working with computers and in desktop publishing for over ten years.

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